The sun is setting behind the “Batman” building and the orange afterglow reflects perfectly on the Cumberland River below. A feasting table, elegantly set for 400 guests, runs down the center of the expansive and modern Seigenthaler bridge. Aerialists gracefully hang from the bridge’s beams as guests are invited to take their seats for a three-course meal overlooking the Nashville skyline. The stage has been set for one of Nashville’s most unique events, Dinner on the Bridge, an annual event that serves to raise money for Greenways for Nashville, a non-profit organization that supports Nashville’s greenways initiative.


Photo courtesy of Greenways for Nashville

Greenways for Nashville President, Mark Deutschmann, welcomed guests and talked about the importance of supporting Nashville’s trails and green spaces. In addition, Mayor Megan Barry addressed the group and shared a story about three important items that Mayor Karl Dean bequeathed to her that would become important to her term. One unusual item Dean left behind was a walking stick, as he told her she would be doing a lot of walking along Nashville’s beautiful trails during her term. In addition, Mayor Barry expressed her avid support for the Greenways and Greenways for Nashville.


Photo courtesy of Greenways for Nashville

Dinner commenced around 8:00 p.m. and guests were encouraged to mingle and savor miniature desserts at stations set up along the bridge. Guests conversed under the Seigenthaler Bridge’s warm glow and lingered as if they didn’t want the evening to end.

Dinner on the bridge is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed. The date for next Year’s Dinner on the Bridge has not yet been set but the event traditionally takes place the last week in September. Continue to check the Greenways for Nashville website for updates.


Photo courtesy of Greenways for Nashville

This event — a stone’s throw from CityLights — is not to be missed. To learn more about Greenways for Nashville and next year’s Dinner on the Bridge, visit