Danielle Hasley

I enjoy being a part of the CityLights project because it encompasses the best of Nashville. Located in the SoHo district, residents can walk to a Titan’s game on a Sunday afternoon or attend the many concerts held at the nearby Ascend Amphitheater. CityLights is the perfect location for Nashville urban lifestyle, and I would love to share how easy it is to make this your next address.

Martha Montiel-Lewis

CityLights! There is no other development here in its class. The views, location, space and class all set this development apart from the rest, while also redefining luxury condo living in Nashville and its urban core.
Having been part of selling one of the first big condo developments in the Gulch 8 years ago, I am so honored to be with the CityLights sales team and once again change the landscape for urban living in one of the fastest growing city in America.

Ted Pins

I love CityLights because it embodies the energy and unique spirit of Nashville. It’s Perfectly perched on Rutledge Hill in the South Broadway district and has stellar views of the river, amphitheater, bridges, Titans stadium, skyline and our world class convention center. Just steps away from all the amazing features of Nashville the world is awarding us for; downtown nightlife, retail, world-class dining, businesses, hockey, football, arts-Symphony, and greenway system. The options are endless – just outside your door.

Mark Deutschmann


Title:Village CEO

City Lights is a true boutique project offering amenities and services designed to stand out among Nashville’s most exclusive communities. While other towers in Nashville range from 275-420 units and average 950 square feet, CityLights is just 71 units and boasts an average of 1800 square feet per unit. We think City Lights truly provides the perfect location and community for the most discerning buyer who is finished with home/yard maintenance and ready for urban exploration.

Joe Owen

Title:Development Team

City Lights is an exciting experience for the development team. The location with the spectacular views and the design of the building provides a unique opportunity to develop a landmark residential community for downtown Nashville. The high levels of talent, enthusiasm and commitment that have been demonstrated by all members of the team involved in the development process ensure City Lights will be a memorable achievement and an asset to our city.